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Heyy, I’m Rizel. I'm a Software Engineer, an Educator, & a Future CEO.

I never envisioned myself working in the tech industry. At age 7, I toyed with the idea of working as an educator, a writer, or a journalist. My career path changed when I realized finishing my 4-year degree wasn't a financial possibility. After a few Google searches, I found that tech could help me achieve financially equity. I credit my current success to Hack.Diversity, Resilient Coders, Code2040, Skillist, Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, and Bunker Hill Community College.

I've interned at HubSpot, Formlabs, and I was even featured on NPR. Today, I work at an insurtech company called Hi Marley, Inc. as a Full Stack Developer. I also work as the Lead Learning and Curriculum Developer for G|Code House -- a program dedicated to teaching women of color how to code.  

Though, I'm still learning (and I'll continue to learn for the rest of my life), I've made this blog inspire other minorities to join the industry and provide my perspective of what it's like to be a black girl in tech.

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